I just made myself eggs

I’ve been drinking milk and lifting weights.


I hope it works out for you! :smile:


Good stuff. Exercise is good for the body which means it’s good for the mind too.

I lift weights 6/7 days a week to prevent muscle atrophy. If you don’t use it, you lose it. I eat 3 large fried eggs daily myself followed by a whey protein shake mixed with milk.


My fridge is so full of eggs I have no more room for them. My dad has like a lot of chickens and he had no room in his fridge either

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Hey did u get ur groceries by now? :slight_smile:

Yes just veggies fruit and some hamburger no bread but I have plenty of eggs!!!

Haha that’s good!!

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We went to church today and afterward went to eat Mexican. So don’t mind eating the same food as long as once in a while I can change it up

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I’m becoming a vegetarian. Have a few eggs left

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