I just got this thing from my car insurance company that I plug into my car. They can tell how many miles I drive, how hard I brake, etc

It’s supposed to save me money because I only put on about 5,000 miles a year.

Has anyone done this? Did it save you money? I’m with progressive.

My mom did this and she got a discount because of it. She doesn’t speed and she says it penalizes you for driving really late at night / early in the morning so she stays off the roads then. I don’t know much else about it.

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i did it and it was cheaper, it can actually help you if you are a starter driver,

i would go to the app on my phone and monitor it, cant remember much more about it,

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I did it with Intact Insurance in Canada. Dropped my rates by about 1/3.

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Don’t do it! They’ll raise your rates if you drive poorly!

That’s excellent. The good drivers shouldn’t have to subsidize the crap ones. If you can’t drive responsibly then do the world a favour and take the damn bus.

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No. They wanted to charge me about twice as much, as everyone else.

It seems like Big Brother to me. What they don’t know won’t hurt anybody.

My insurance company just asks me how many miles I drive a year. All of my cars are at 3000 but I have 4 of them

I never did like that company: Progressive.

I didn’t like them Either until they just saved me $450 a year on my car insurance. And it will probably end up being more than that.

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