Sure am thankful for CAA

My car wouldn’t start so I called CAA. It took half hour to come to my place and less than 5 minutes to get it going. Super friendly. My monthly fee is $12. I’ve definitely made it worth my while.


Yeah, I used my service about a month ago to jump my car.


In fall my car overheated and I was approx 70 kms away from home. They got there super quick and towed me to the repair shop I use. Most of the time they don’t even ask for proof. That one trip alone would cost more than the yearly fee. We’ve used it a fair amount.

That sounds like a really good service that might catch on. I tried to sell emergency roadside insurance for Allstate over the phone once. They charged a little more than their competitors, but they offered more services. I never tried to sell anything that wasn’t a worthy product, though I think there are outfits out there that do sell some lousy stuff. If I had kids of driving age I definitely would have my whole family covered with emergency roadside assistance.

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Yeah, it’s a life saver. Very handy.

I don’t even have a jack or wheel brace in my car. If I get a flat I call the breakdown service. I pay $100 a year and one flat which I got on the highway paid for itself in one call out.

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