Do you like bumper stickers?

i have no opinion on bumper stickers i guess. maybe i would cover my bumper with different stickers from national parks and my road trips if i had any.

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Not too many bumper stickers where I live.

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My old Lilithh town n country van is covered on witch bumper stickers, lol. My oldest son’s friends call her the witchmonile, but to the family she is Lilithh the Tank, 7 accidents, she still goes and it’s been mostly cosmetic, only 2 my fault. Several hit and runs, including the one last Sept in Walmart where they broke my front axle and we didn’t know until I was trying to get my oldest to ER at 1am and it snapped on the busiest road in town. Cops tried so hard to get our insurance app to get us atow as they cover, but yeah Progressive is ■■■■ and we had to spend a month of grocery money on the tow, but the tow guy was awesome and took us to the ER before taking Lilithh to the mechanic. 978 dollars to fix the axle and the tires it shredded when it snapped. Had to take out a credit line to do it, but now we can use that at mobile gas stations so I mean not so bad? But Walmart said all their cameras in parking lot are dummies, and that’s what they told the cops who showed up for report. And if we claimed to get it fixed, our rates would have almost tripled, and we only have minimum on the Tank. She’s a 2005 with only 95k miles on her, she’s being kept until she’s dead period.

But the cops were pissed with Walmart with us, and they did say they wish there was more they could do. And the axle didn’t snap for 6 weeks because I barely went anywhere, so we waited 2 1/2 hours for tow, but it took 8 weeks to get our refund for the tow. We use an agent that sells all insurances, and the agent got on them every day about how they were gonna drop Progressive as they can’t seem to respect their insured. Never late on a payment, and we had never had a claim with them, it sucked. Still have them as they cut our rates if I agreed to quit telling everyone how we were treated. The paper was interested as the cop that waited with us for the tow that night was the one who called the paper.

But back on topic, my bumper stickers are pride and joy, and kids get to pick ones they like and put them on too. Oldest picked one that said “if you piss my mom off, just remember how easy it is to make a voodoo doll” he got that back in 5th grade. Lol.

Gonna work on finding a SPN Family bumper sticker, especially for their Just Keep Fighting campaign started by Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) and his struggles with suicidal thoughts and depression. I donate to their cause, buying merchandise, bidding on auctions they put up. Hot Topic also used to years ago do a Supernatural day where 50% of a shirt the 3 main cast made proceeds were donated to JKF.

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another reason i ask, is because the gas station i go to most days has just added a display of bumper stickers for sale. i looked them over, but didn’t want any. one said “marijuana high life” on it. i thought what idiot is going to buy that and then get pulled over all the time haha. another said, “boobies make me smile” haha.

i think i may start collecting national park bumper stickers though, and other places i’ve visited.

I had a neighbor that had 420 on his back window. I thought what an idiot.


I don’t mind bumper stickers but I don’t like seeing political ones.

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I used to have my car covered in stickers by the favorite bands of mine and peace signs. Someone said “old soul, new body”. Cuz it was a 2009 Mazda like 5 years ago and they said it was reflective of me.

I got sick of them but I didn’t take them off but now I have a diff car. But I never got pulled over despite riding in the hippie mobile. Lmfao. Fn insane I never got pulled over in that thing while I had the stickers.

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