I just got terrible news

My pdoc is no longer going to be practicing in my town. He will do phone appts with me until he can set me up with a new pdoc. I’m broken.


Dont worry.all p doc procedures are similar.they follow same books


He’s different. He really cares.


auwww that sucks =(
I always am afraid if some day my pdoc can’t help me anymore and need to look for a new one…

i wish you the best in finding a new pdoc and hopefully one you will feel good with.


I’m so sorry @FatMama.

I dread the day that happens to me,

So I understand feeling terrible about it.

I’m sure he’ll set you up with someone good.

It may be an adjustment,

But you’re resilient, you can do this.


I’m sure you’ll survive @FatMama

There are enough good psychiatrists out there.

They are easier to find than therapists.

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Aww that’s not good.
It can be anxiety making to lose a block of support, even if there’s another lined up.
I know it’s hard for me to establish trust with a new pshrink, esp when there’s so much that goes on with me. I have hope you’ll be able to connect with the new doc, @FatMama . It’ll just take time.

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Oh no! I hope he finds you a good one.

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I’m sorry to hear that I wish you luck with finding a suitable pdoc…

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