I just got my first AI response from google

It gave me an “AI overview” when I typed in a query.

Here we go. gulp

I wonder if it just went live. This is the first time I have seen it.


Yeah I’m not sure we are closer to sentience with such a response. Hope there yet! :slight_smile:


I use it only for information.

I won’t talk to it like a person or being.

But as an information source, its helped me find information and simplifying it so I can understand long documents and stuff.

Also helped give me steps to fix things.

This technology does make me anxious.


You can block it with an extension if you use chrome

Just google “chrome extension hide google ai overviews”

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I e been using the beta for months
Sometimes it’s obviously wrong

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Sounds like it’s right on schedule to be about as useful as “Alexa”.

J/K. I’m sure google will improve it over time.

Seriously though, if I ask alexa to tell me something about James Browns life, ‘she’ is about 25% like to do so, 25% likely to tell me the origins of the color brown, 25% chance of a lecture about brown sugar, and 25% chance of lecture on ancient greek architecture.(or something else as far off).

And even then, it is about a 50/50 chance its answer will be correct for the subject it ends up on.

Edit: I am only fearless about criticizing AI because I am getting old and will be dead before my smart toaster is able to develop sentience, review my social media posts and try to take me out in my sleep.

You younger folks better be more careful, though :stuck_out_tongue: .

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