I really don’t know how I can carry on

Close to self destruction again. Why does this always happen :thinking:

Hang in there, things will start looking up soon just gotta make the positive changes

I feel so rough. I am not seeing psychologist for a week and pdoc for three weeks. I need to work and cannot feel like this anymore

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I’m sorry you aren’t doing too good. Perhaps the best thing to do is call and get a sooner appointment with your pdoc. 3 weeks is along time to wait when you’re feeling like you’re going to self destruct. As far as work goes is there anyway you can take some time off?

Not without letting people down I can’t take time off. I am sick of this ■■■■. My case manager is so condescending I cannot stand it. I need to tap out big time but the only thing that will do that at this stage is quitting my meds and self destructing


If you stop your meds and self destruct won’t that let people down even more? What does it mean when you say “tap out”?


Tap out means give up and let the illness win. I can’t take it anymore something has to give

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Oh yea, I “tapped out” 6 years ago and haven’t gone back to work yet. There’s only so much a person can take. Can you go out on disability?


If I bankrupted myself I could. I would have to lose everything

You have to seriously consider if you can work. Especially if it’s making you suicidal.

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Hey man,

Stay strong in these times, they will pass…

Hang in there !!


The problem is if I quit work I will lose my place to live and get into debt :frowning:


Would a dosage increase help? My pdoc is happy for my to phone him & he can approve a dosage increase over the phone. Is that any use for you?

Try to hang in there. Can your GP give you some sick leave from work?

I was unemployed for 7 years and it was truly terrible. I find work hard but it’s better than unemployment.

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I became suicidal every time I failed at returning to my career…it’s better for me not to try to work and accept my disability. I need my disability check…I never will work again.

I have had an increase. It seems to have helped a little bit, but not enough

In the US, you can keep all your savings and still get ssdi. Can you move back in with your parents or take some time off till you get meds sorted? Things will be ok again. Eventually you will get stabilized and get back to work. Don’t give up! Don’t stop your meds!

Unfortunately moving back with my parents isn’t an option. I have bills to pay and cannot afford to come out of work for very long.

My aunt convinced me to take my meds, so I guess I will continue doing that.

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When I feel bad I try to force myself to do something good. Anything you can conceive that is good do it and rejoice in the good deed… Try to help someone in need or just take some time and send yourself some good thoughts. Whatever you can muster.

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