They hate me

I’ve left work early I can’t sit at my desk for 8 hours I’m feeling super restless. Life is hard

My manager is super stressed and I think I’m going to lose my job

Does your manager know what you’re dealing with at home?

He knows i haven’t yet started the bipolar meds and my dads brain tumour. But that’s no excuse

I love your new avatar ish! But stop being so hard on yourself. You’re coping incredibly well. You need to speak to your doctor about the fact your bipolar meds reduce the effectiveness of abilify. Hang in there ish we’re all rooting for you.


I guess health is more important than my job anyway. I told them I’m doing half days till I’m stable.

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Working less hours is fine, but if work is adding to your stressful situation and you can no longer cope, you could probably take a Medical leave of Absence for a while.

Afterall you have a legitimate illness.

Health comes first - always.

Best of luck @anon80629714 and dont forget to talk to your pdoc about Tegretol - it really is a good med.