I just came back from the Pdoc

I told her about my increased paranoia and funny semi Delusional thinking.
She wanted to raise my Risperidone but later changed her mind, because she felt that I was not truly Delusional.
She is not upping or changing my dose or meds.
She said that I’m just going to have to live with the increased paranoia.
Frankly I told her that I was constantly fatigued on my meds and couldn’t tolerate an increase.
She’s a good doctor and listened to my needs.
She is monitoring me now and keeping a close watch till I see her next month.


My doc is good too. She asks me if I want to increase my dose and if I say no she says ok. She’s really nice.

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Well to be honest.
If my Doctor really felt that my dose needed to be increased, she would not hesitate.

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