I just bought some 18650 vape batteries on aliexpress i dont know if they are legit

I use this charger, it works great:

C$ 6.10 20%OFF | XTAR VC2 VC2 plus VC4 VC2S VC4S battery charger for 10440/16340/14500/14650/18350/18500/18650/18700/21700/20700/17500

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I use the VC4, its about 30$CA.

You can buy here if ur in the US, 4000mah is the max 18650 I have seen but make sure it fits and compatible. Its Samsung. I have only tried the Panasonic and they work.

i found one cheaper on ebay

I use the VC4 4 batteries, didn’t try others.

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I ones i bought on ebay comes from china will take about a month to come.

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The VC4 charges through USB, make sure you use a min 10W USB charger.

shoot its out of stock.

Just get a good brand from a reputable seller. LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony.

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I use these:

You sound like you’re after cheap stuff more than good stuff.

Take it from a poor person that’s had to cheap out on stuff a lot- don’t do it on things you plan to use a lot. You get what you pay for.


I really cant afford good stuff, i dont make that much money. So i have to find the most bang for my buck i can find. So look whats the best deal out there. So if they still work, im happy.



Lol, im think im going be fine.

If you are looking for genuine Chinese products you can find the same thing on Aliexpress on a lower price than amazon or a real store.

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This my first time buying on aliexpress, never heard on them. they really cheap stuff on there.

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My advice is to find reliable Chinese products on Amazon with good reviews and then buy them from aliexpress.

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okay thats good idea thanks for the advice.

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My one rechargeble battery for my vape cost me £16 GBP. But its a well known make Duracell - as others have said, you dont wanna skimp on cells - they will cause a fire.