I just bought some 18650 vape batteries on aliexpress i dont know if they are legit

They say there 9800 mah, Im taking a chance on these cheap batteries. It might be fake, what do you guys think, where do you guys buy your vape batteries at.
High capacity Okoman 18650 3.7V 9800mAh lithium battery rechargeable battery flashlight headlights electronic toy battery|Replacement Batteries| - AliExpress

I only buy vape stuff with non removable batteries as I have no idea where to get a legit battery these days.

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Dude, don’t cheap out on vape batteries. Thats how you get explosions.


Chinesium batteries don’t last long.


If you’re in Europe you could try these guys.

I ordered a battery for an elderly relative’s flip phone from them last year and it hasn’t exploded yet! They seem legit.

They’re in the Netherlands.


Okay, i dont want that, where do i buy good ones that last long, mine are old now dying out too quickly.

Im in the usa, i need a good legit website, i bought mine on ebay but now there not selling 18650 batteries anymore. Lol i dont want no explosion sh@t.

You could try batteryupgrade.eu . If you’re prepared to import from China why not the Netherlands !

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Okay ill check them out, im going to link now.

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Damn there expensive on that site?

Change your currency to USD ?

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o okay let me try that.

Reddit vaping says illumn, IMR or liionwholesale

okay thanks appreciate it.

I get 18650 Panasonic 3400mah from reputable sellers on AliExpress. They are genuinely 3400mah as my charger tells me how many mah they charged from 0%.


Really where do you find the charger, i want to buy one so i can test if they are really 9800 mah

9800mah sounds like a scam, there is no 9800mah 18650 batteries, thats too much and not possible.


really, probably sounds too good to be true right. it probably crap cells.

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tell me where i can find a charge reader so i can see for myself.

if they work, at least there cheap.