Got a new vape for a fifth of the price the company sells it for

it is a kangertech subox mini it costs 53 dollars on the kangertech website but I got it on ebay for $9.88!!! the person selling these on ebay sold 58 of them in a day which is over 500 dollars for them I don’t know how they got so many of them and also don’t know why they sold them for so cheap,
I watched some videos to make sure I’m not buying a piece of crap and I’m ordering the battery for it tomorrow it uses an 18650 flat top battery so ima see if they have that at Walmart and if they don’t I might just get a visa card and order it off ebay I already found one with the charger and everything
I will finally be able to vape this cbd e juice I got I have 30 ml of it


It’s probably a fake / clone. The vaping world has a problem with rip-off fakes.


Ya I got fake vapes on eBay. These kangertech vapes cost more than $10 to make probably. No way it could be so cheap. Sorry to burst your bubble. At least if it explodes it will be only ten dollars down the drain :fearful:


I would worry that the fakes could be a safety hazard or something. :frowning:

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YA that’s what I’m saying. It’s worth it @sigarino to invest in a real kangertech. If you have $50 to blow that is. They are top notch.

Yeah, I’d throw it in the bin. You’re only down $10. Better to be safe than sorry.

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I think that products today should be very cheap, the production is entirely automated, a vape
shouldn’t cost much.
It should be almost free.
If I were you @sigarino I would try the vape and if it works, great.

I don’t have 50 dollars it says its a clone but hopefully it works better than the one I had it wasn’t even a box it was just like the small automatic pen I cant really afford to get a 50 dollar one as long as it works I will be happy