My new ecig battery has arrived

It should last about 2 years.


Be careful they blow up

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Will you quit that already! :smile:


It’s a trap :open_mouth:


Are the voltage buttons lockable? I wish mine were. What is the wattage range?

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6-100watts. But I’ll be vaping at about 20watts. Buttons aren’t lockable. But I always carry them in my shirt pocket, so it shouldn’t activate accidentally. The buttons definitely look easier to activate accidentally than my current one though.

It has a whopping 4500mah of power, same as my current one, so I should still get a full days use sub ohm without charging.

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Why did you get a new battery? Was the old one not holding charge?

I had 2 mvp3.0 pros. And I used one everyday and the other on occasion like if I forget to charge the usual one. Then the one I used everyday just wasn’t holding its charge like you said, so I retired it.

Now I’m using the ‘occasional’ mvp3.0 pro as my main device and the new one (mvp4) is my backup one.

They stopped making the mvp3.0 pro so I had to get the newer model.

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Yeah, they are always bringing out new models. I wish they would keep a ‘classics’ range.

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