I honestly don’t know what the **** to do

I really feel like I’m starting to lose my grip of reality, what should I do?

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What’s wrong man?

Tell your doctor or therapist. If you’re doing drugs, now would be a good time to quit. Are you on medication? Maybe the dosage needs to be adjusted or maybe you need to be on a different medication. Are you isolating? Love 'em or hate 'em, people are good to be around. There’s basic things you can do for your mental health. I know you are in a bad state of mind but doing certain things may head off a relapse or at least make it less serious.

Regular sleep patterns and getting enough sleep is healthy for mind and body. Eating healthy helps. Exercise helps mental health and takes your mind off of problems. Maybe joining a day program for disabled people might suit you. It would get you out of the house and keep you busy. Having structure in your life is helpful. Having a daily routine and structure is healthy.


Do what @77nick77 says and then tell your pdoc all about it.

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