I hear you bastardos talkin about me

What? You think an internet connection stops me?

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Censhored word in title. Pshaw!

Nobody is talking about you. :hatching_chick::hatching_chick::hatching_chick:

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Nyuk. The alien tech in my left arm is sending everyone’s thoughts to me to decipher. It’s so much but I can do it for another 2 or 3 days, maybe weeks or months. I dunno? What about you?

It’s like a gravitational wave. So much info flooding in. Must be like how Japan felt in that tsuamni some years ago. It’s coming but you can’t stop it and your ass will drown if you fight it. Yargh (spit)

I thought this was an English forum? I can’t understand what you’re saying to me?!?!?!

In der ruhe liegt die kraft.

Not helpful, donghead.

When you hear voices in different languages…

Sorry for calling names. Thought you were mocking me. I’ve been taunted all damned day. Apologies.

Try to ignore the voices. I know it’s easier said than done. But they’re not worth your time at all. Ever.

I am just coming out of my hell of depression. It lasted two weeks. Keep up the fight, take control.

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@KushiDays, they’re pumping this info into me through my left arm implant. I can’t stop it and it moves around so I can’t cut it out. If I focus I can feeling it moving around under my skin like a worm.

@Dunno3x yeah depression is a mother. Glad you are better. You are out, I go in. Entropy? I think thermodynaics is complicated and I don’t know where I fit in.

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I’ve had tactile hallucinations/feelings too.

Don’t let your mind explain it like this. Do your best to ignore it and you’ll soon arrive to your senses

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Like waking up. Today was hell on me. I have a delicate scenario here at home, and I dunno what to do about it. It’s causing me stress and anxiety and whatnot and snot. I am now living with all my in-laws. I want to tie my own tongue around my neck and get out of this situation.

You need to de-stress somehow. That’s causing you to feel poorly.

Indeed. Cruisin the bruisin forumz late at night while every one softly sleeps. Makes sad panda sad. If a hotel wasn’t so expensive I’d go there for a few days. I hate my wife’s family. May a meteor land on their heads and zap them off the face of earth like boom!

So you going to live with your inlaws for a long time. Where is the love?

Am not sure what chu mean, but this is what happened:
on Sunday a crackhead caught their house on fire. now they’re here with us. hoping the insurance company finds electrical damage or something as the fire’s cause so we can ship these people back out to another home. they are driving us crazy. esp my sister in law. what a biznatch she is, truly horrid wicked woman. prolly a voodoo practictioner. would not be surprised if the friction from her fat rolls caught the house on fire

Oh, and the Chichuachua/dachsund terrorist is here too driving us all batshit barking at 4 am.