I haven't seen friends in a long time

I know I have them, lots of them.

I was invited to an event, but I declined.

lots of them are poets too.


I have some friends, 3 close friends i think, one is an ex gf and her bf and the other is this guy that i talk to a lot.

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in my personal opinion it’s not good to associate with ex’es,

I’ve never done it. But I’m low class.

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we didnt have a bad break up, just remained friends

maybe it’s more common than I think, but I would never hang on.

its not common from what i know but i didnt want to throw away our friendship, i just want to be with a younger woman to hopefully have kids and things,

isnt really working out for me well yet though

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I havent hung out in like over 2 years. Well with my close friends at least. They all live in ca i use to hang with this jamaican girl but idk what happen to her she got all funny style on me after a while :joy:

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