I Don't Understand People Who Remain Friends With Their Ex's

To me, once the relationship has gone sour…I’m done.

Constantly revisiting a bad relationship is a bit like eating expired food in my opinion.



I met an Ex many years later in a Bar just by happenstance…

She looked like ‘the girl next door’ when we dated. She approached me that night wasted out of her mind and accused me of ruining her life when we parted.

She had multiple nose rings…tattoos…and was basically looking like a strung out drug addict.

I just walked out of the Bar not knowing what to say back to her. It was a really shocking experience to me. She was but a distant memory to me, but clearly I had meant everything to her.


It definitely takes a couple of mature people to remain friends. I think if you have kids together it’s necessary.


I dated a girl once during my psychadellic years who engaged in what I called “Bush Art”.

She would trim her pubic hair to suit the holiday during the calendar year.

She’d use a trimmer to fashion a Flag ‘down there’ on Canada Day…a Heart for Valentine’s Day…a tree for Christmas…even a Turkey for Thanksgiving!

She was just too crazy even for me. I often wonder what became of her.


I have never remained friends with an ex, everyone I’ve ever heard or seen that remains friends complain about their ex a lot. It’s probably way different if kids are involved though, thank goodness I have no baby mama drama lol.

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My ex and I have kids together so it is in their best interest that we get along. He’s a decent guy overall. Has a few weird ideas.

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IDK. My older sister still would see her first boyfriend years after they broke up. He used to visit us every Chrstmas as a tradition. They stayed in touch even after they were both seeing other people. I think it was because it was their “first love” for both of them. In fact, he even came to her wedding to her ex-husband. Eventually, after many years their lives had changed too much and they stopped staying in touch. I think another factor was that my sister had long relationships, she dated a little but from the time she was a freshman in high school and started seeing the boyfriend I mentioned, until now, she’s only really had 3 serious relationships and each one lasted for many years.

I think some people stay friends with their ex’s in some cases because when they break up, it’s not because they stopped loving each other, it’s other reasons and different circumstances. I learned this because this same sister divorced her late ex-husband because he developed a meth addiction. She told me she still loved him but he was destroying himself and would have took her down with him. They divorced and he eventually od’d and died shortly afterwards.


Drugs are horrible.


If I were still thin I’d love to see Fernando again. My God that man hung the moon :crescent_moon:. But at my current weight I would be embarrassed

Hi!my ex boyfriend and I are friends although he criticize me because I don’t work and I don’t have goals in life :frowning:

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I think people that cling to their ex are deluding themselves and that its a one way hope road of doom.

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My x Anders I met at a psychiatric hospital.

He told me he will always love me unconditionally and he meant it.

He took care of me and is thoughtful, funny, kind but I felt he had destructive tendencies back then.

I had other boyfriends but he stayed my friend.

We are still friends but live in different countries.

He doesn’t have internet.

He is one of my only friends and one of my closest.

I hope we will meet again some day as long as he doesn’t drink alcohol because he has/had destructive tendencies.

He is one of the most generous boyfriends I ever had.
He had more money than me but would always say our money about his money.
He spoiled me in a way bought me pizza , drove me places, took me for a dip if I was depressed, helped me etc

We want the same things in life.

Then there’s my x in sa.

He is the best thing to ever happen to me.

He is probably the person I love most in the whole world.

He and his dogs are my family.

It was perfect dogs, perfect home, perfect man except we didn’t have ecstatic sex and didn’t agree on animal cruelty.

I want to move back to him but he said no.

I left to become vegan.
And because I’m against glue traps.

We keep in touch but he is short with me and I’m always the initiator and give him stuff as I adore him.

He is my partner, my baby .

If he gets another girl I’ll be fu cked.

X I had after him was ecstatic sex and funny and I love him but not as much and he is a bit bad man .killed a dog for barking .

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I have another x who is a Muslim and I see him as my friend and hold him dear n he is funny n kind but don’t have much in touch.

Im still in contact with one ex. Not a lot, we see eachother a few times a year. I like him. He is kind. I love his daughter. We are friendly with eachother. No reason to not see eachother once in a while.

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I still talk to my ex mrs in America. Not much has changed and I still do like her. I never judge people and she did some stupid stuff but that is why I left. The reasons I fell in love with her haven’t changed. Just that history.

Honestly. We are half a world apart but If either of us had some coin we’d probably meet up again.


Haha thats fcking hilarious. :rofl:

They recently did a study on male chimps and concluded they were healthier long term if they remained in the ‘friend zone’ with females. In other words if they had a lot of female ‘just friends’ they fared better.

I’ve wrestled with this concept historically; but must forgive myself overall, because ultimately my friends scattered and my Sz sent them away too. (All of my friends except maybe 1).

I don’t talk to my ex. But when my daughter was in high school I often needed to discuss things with him. He would ignore my calls. It was so frustrating. I was calling about really important things involving our daughter. Now that she’s older I don’t feel the need to talk to him at all. He was really mean to me when we were married

I remain best friends with my ex.

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I don’t talk to my ex’s that much. Just the occasional what’s up? or happy birthday! and that’s it.