I haven't been taking my meds regularly

No wonder why I can’t think straight.

My thoughts feel all over the place. I can’t make decisions. I say I will do one thing, but I do another.

Was this intentional?

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Sometimes it is. My mother tells me to take them and I don’t. And sometimes I forget.

Well I’d make sure to take them regularly.

You can set up daily reminders on your phone. There are apps for it if the OS doesn’t have the feature.

If you’re noticing a difference like that its probably crucial that you keep on it.

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Even when I take them its hard to get past the mentality that I don’t actually need them. I just take them because i want to get my mother off my back.

You can also buy reminder pill boxes or get the pharmacist to make one up for a small cost. They come in all shapes and sizes also weekly or monthly.



Obviously you need them. I’m that what the thread is about. Just keep that in mind.

You’re lucky that you feel normal enough on meds that you can forget why you need them.

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That was my main problem rather than deliberate non compliance(although I have deliberately skipped pills in the distant past) and the reason I was put on depot. . Apart from being late a handful of times (couple of days to 2 weeks) I’ve been quite good. It certainly beats a rate of 40-50% which was about the % of time I remembered to take daily meds.

You’re putting your new dream job at risk ish.

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Yeah, trying to keep this job should motivate you to take them.

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I salivate like Pavlov’s dogs for my meds.

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I find if I don’t take my meds regular (usually during a flare up) I feel weird very fast.

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