I messed up again

i forgot to take my pills for two days, its hard to remember if I took them or not if I don’t fill my pill tray. I take vitamins too, fish oil and sarcosine are among them. I felt funny this morning, and was hallucinating. I learned my lesson again.


I’d completely forget my evening metformin if I didn’t have a reminder on my phone.

I took the wrong days pills from my divider, it confused me yesterday night for about 5 mins! Why Wednesday was their and Thu Wasn’t!

Two days without pills and you didn’t notice a day in? If I even fall asleep by accident before the evening dose of mood stabilizers, I’m off the next day.

It wasn’t that I didn’t take them! I just took the wrong day as I took my pills in the dark then got confused why the day before wasn’t their and the next day wasn’t.

I’m sure if my grammar was better it would make more sense :slight_smile:

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Set multiple alarms/reminders on your phone - then mark it down

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I get it I’ve taken night pills during the day and get so exhausted that it isn’t funny. My words were even slurred. my partner thought I did it on purpose so I didn’t have to spend time with family.

@wave I had alarms set but for some reason they didn’t go off maybe I accidently erased them or something.

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I’ve thought I’d forgotten then taken another lot in the morning! So I know that feeling :wink:

I don’t need alarms, I’ve got into a routine where by I take them before I go to bad, but before putting on my psoriasis cream! That way the tablets don’t stick to my hand and I forget less than once a year.

This was the first time In 4 yrs I’ve made this slip up!