I have strange auditory hallucinations

Hi I have strange auditory hallucinations, it’s hard to explain what they sound like because it’s a sound I have never heard in real life. They are so loud that it hurts my ears. Has anyone ever had a symptom like this?

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Hmm. . .

Like A Vanishing Form Of Invisible Ringing?.

I’m Gauging My Own Experience Like The Noise Of A Supermassive Black Hole.

Without Any Way To Put It Into Any Sort Of Void.

i have tons of auditory hallucinations- in particular, a sort of ringing that plays in a pattern. a first three or so times, its just a single second ring, then the fourth is a ends in a descending ring. and then it usually repeats. i always thought it was some kind of technology trying to communicate with me. sometimes it does get very loud. i’m not sure how similar my situation is to yours but auditory hallucinations are def a big thing

The best way I can explain it is like electricity that produces a moaning sound.

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Sometimes I hear bells ringing in a very strange way.

Used to hear loud song in the middle of night.

I have that sometimes if I’m tired.
Like my brain tries to see if it can pop a dream up on the screen and uses a sound to test.
It’s sl loud it ecchoes through my head

I don’t know, since it could be tinnitus.

I have one that sounds very similar, but I’m not sure it’s a hallucination. The sound always seems to come from outside. I’ve heard it at a few different places. It hurts to listen to. Causes me to shake almost violently, myy skin feels tingly (not a tactile), and makes me feel nauseated. It can get so bad I cry.

Once I asked for a sign
and heard a bell ringing
three times in my house.

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