I have started feeling emotions

No wonder I feel sad …

People have called me using many names since 1999

puniikki (Red)
KGB kätyri (KGB henchman)
CIA agent
Musta Ryssä (black Russian)
among many other things …

I suppose people do not like me.

Feeling sad beats feeling depressed. Big manly hugs.

Do not understand me wrong, we have also good people such as one whom I met today, he had been recently in Tallin, Estonia and Malaga, Spain, there are some people who do not tolerate differences such as those who had left their message on the yard of one Parliamentary member, their message was ‘homot’ meaning ‘homosexuals’, this just makes me so sad, so sad, writing this tears in my eyes.

This ‘musta ryssä’ expression is one of the worst expressions anybody can use about Russians, there was one time when one very religious person called Jehovah’s witnesses ‘devils’, my grandmother was Jehovah’s Witness, I have never called anybody using any names, but all this makes me so sad, there is nothing wrong being little gay … I am just so sad .

I am one of the most tolerant persons you may know, 20 years ago I worked with one person who was vice president of Atlanta’'s gay association … I have never anything against anybody, but some recent events have made me so sad when people have used hate in their behaviors such as those who left the message on the yard of this member of the Parliament, I never want to express hate in my life.

I like my freedom to express my emotions, but I want to express why I feel so sad today. I went to the library and then there was a group of men and one of these men just said ‘venäläinen kuolee’ meaning ‘Russian dies’ when I passed them, but I am not a Russian and even Russians in Miami knew I was no Russian. There was a time in my life when I wanted to help Russians to recover from their poor economy, it was good for Russia, Finland and the whole world. I am just so sad now.