I have one cigarette left

I will smoke it soon and then hopefully I can quit. I so badly want to quit. It’s so expensive to smoke. I’m hoping my anxiety doesn’t get the best of me.


I have a connection…I get 200 native smokes for $25.00 here in Canada.

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Invest in a decent vapor? I get the bottles of juice for a pound each here, Doesnt have that nasty Vitamin E Acetate in it either.

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I make sure I never run low of rolling tobacco.

Smoking is the last bad thing I do. I pretty much gave up drinking (I will only ever have one beer on occasion), and I stopped taking all illegal drugs (My last relapse was 10 years ago)

Given that I have all the other stuff going on MI wise, at this time I don’t think I should put myself under pressure to quit smoking when I have already quit pretty much everything else.

You’re right though, it’s not a cheap habit to have!


What does MI stand for?

Mental Illness


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I miss cigarettes badly. Vaping is alright but cigarettes are nicer.

I miss smoking cigarettes too. I vape now. Have been doing for years. But I still crave smoking a cigarette.

Went and bought some. Its hard not to hate myself

Nicotine addiction is an illness.


I just bought a pack of Newport’s the first time in about 7 years probably. Usually I smoke those cheyenne garbage. Like 5 per week. Make a pack last a month. This time I felt like treating myself to Newport’s. I quit for a while but then you try one and it creeps back…the addiction.

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I stupidly gave in and bought a twenty pack of cigarettes. Smoked 2 and didn’t enjoy them. Put the rest in my drawers. Not gonna touch them.

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Better waste a little money than damaging your health. You can’t buy health sometimes especially lung cancer.

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They put a vaping tax in my state and its stupidly expensive now but I can’t quit vaping

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