I have no life!

Anyone else spend the majority of there time in there bedroom vaping, drinking coffee and on the computer? I feel safe in here and i have my meds thats keep me fairly sane but i really do wish i had some more social contanct and felt better about leaving the house.


yes. exactly. smoking, drinking coffee, lying on the couch or bed, watching tv or being on the internet. that’s my exciting life…

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I’m the same way

Yup. Exact same here.

Vape, coffee, tv and internet.

i have no life either and its something i cant fix cuz my social skills are :-1:

Im not smoking or vaping but I am on the internet and drinking coffee.
I also spend a lot of time on the couch.
We have 3 couches in the house and im constantly crashing from one couch to another. (couch hopping)

Yeah that’s me too … vape, computer, bed, tv and coffee. I got my cat too that thinks I’m a bed

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You should go to the gym. It will help you a lot. 3 x gym outings in a week.

Am so glad I am not alone. Seriously thought I was alone with this limited lifestyle.

I am happy just to survive.
The baseline is just to survive.
I am going to try a treatment plan that might cure my schizophrenia.
Wish me luck.

i have been thinking about the gym. At planet fitness its only 10 dollars a month but the idea of going to they gym and being the fat guy who is sweaty and exhausted after the first 10 minutes on top of just the paranoia of being in public where someone might talk to me just feels totally to much for me to handle.

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@Chess24 tell me more about this treatment plan?

yeah how overweight are you??

You need to let go of this thought and focus on what is best for you.
Going to the gym a few times with good motivation, will boost your confidence
and a big plus - you will see the negative symptoms decrease.

All you need to do is put your head phones on, get on the treadmill, max out the incline, watch the tv and walk for 30 min to 3 hours and you’ll notice a huge difference


Yea dittto. I smoke ecigs, drink too much coffee, watch the f*cking Wendy Williams show and the view and I’m a freaking guy just so u know. And I spend time on this forum too. I never go out, but I’m feeling uplifted now that I worked out and I’m going to spend some time with a friend in Milwaukee. Other than that my days are limited to going to Starbucks and going to the park in my neighborhood. This post makes me feel better that I’m not the only one but still.

We should all try Memantine I heard it makes the enjoyment of hanging out with people and doing everyday tasks a lot better! Bc with the AP I’m on I’m a slug allll day. I think I’m going to try latuda bc someone said it helped them feel like they could go out for once. Next doc visit it’s either Latuda or Memantine!

@Moonwalker this is a surefire way to wreck the knees

Walking is ok for the knees, isn’t it?

@Moonwalker I think a big incline on the treadmill is not good for the knees.
In any case there are more knee friendly options, like an elliptical trainer,
a stationery bike, indoor rower, swimming.
These options are more recommended than steep incline walking and running to my mind,as far as knees are

Regular walking is fine. Jogging, weight lifting, walking while carrying weight is bad for the knees. This above is how i trashed my knees due to the impact/shock. and carrying weights “grinds” on joint capsules in the knees.

If i had did nothing but walk i would be in good shape.