I have no ambition

I have no ambition . I have no plans for the future.


I’m in the same boat.
Kinda just drifting, waiting, wondering…

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Drifting describes it well.

I also have no ambition, I am not interested in doing anything.

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no ambition no motivation. nothing. emptiness

Me too. I think of being a artist or writer but it just stays a thought. At the moment I’m only motivated to look after my husband and cook lol!


you already do a lot of stuff. I can’t even do these things. good for you.

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Is that bad? :crazy_face:

My only ambition is to play piano well.

I don’t know if it is me not having ambition or just being bored. If many people with schizophrenia say they are perpetually bored, perhaps it is a part of how our brains are not working and we are lacking emotional drive. Perhaps it is a malfunction of a part of our brain. That is so tragic. All I can say is we must fight it. There will be some better times.