I have never changed my mind before


I have never done that and don’t know what people are saying.

My mind has changed before. But that is what it does sometimes, it changes, it just does that.

I am not someone in control of my brain, im just my brain and it does things.

They talk as if they were in their brain making it do things and it doesn’t make any sense.

You could say though “my mind changed”. Not “i changed my mind”, no you didn’t, you are your mind so how can you change it? Do they think they are someone in there that is not their mind?

And there are no choices either, those are just mechanical functions clicking around like a clock or something. You just do that. Nothing is a choice really, it’s all just functions.

Free will my ■■■■■■■ ass.

You start right now with the knowledge and the time to do it and chart the rest of earth in detail. You could chart every single thing that would happen the entire time and as long as it existed. Free will my ■■■■■■■ ass.



I personally think that I could change my mind. In most cases when people say that, it usually happens when for instance first wanted to go to Place A, but then ultimately decided to go to Place B. It could be that this person was thinking about the cons of Place A and the pros of Place B and therefore decided on Place B instead. Perhaps the act of retrieving memory/data can precipitate change to current information (like impression that Place A is a good place to Place A might not be too good)? And then ultimately lead you to “decide” otherwise?

If you can’t change your mind, then how would things like positive thinking, CBT, self-help books work?



You didn’t change your mind though.

Your mind changed and you are your mind. It’s more truthful to say “my mind was changed.”

People make it sound like they are pulling the strings in their mind when they are their mind. They act as though they are something else and making things happen in their mind when it’s not the case.