I have lost my creativity

In the past I wrote poems and other creative things, but now my creativity is gone, how can I get it back?

I wish I was more creative with my time too. But you can’t force it. Sometimes it emerges over time you are more creative in other gentle ways you didn’t realise at the time.

Yes, it may come back, it is actually funny that when I created my sz art, I thought these were good, but others had not the same opinion. My sz aunt used to be creative too, painting her little flowers and other things.

Maybe it’s not dead. Just sleeping. Have patience and maybe it will wake up.

What med(s) are you taking now? And what dosage? Maybe it can be adjusted or swapped. Maybe not. But we never know until we investigate.

Find a worthy muse.

Being the key word here.

Ever since I started on Risperdal Consta back in 2008, I totally lost my ability to play the piano. Just lost it. Before that, I was the star pianist in my studio. These meds are real creativity killers, some of them. To get it back, you really have to work hard and be real determined. I’m still working at it.

Oddly, I was able to play in a band when I was freaked out in PTSD with GAD in the '90s. The rehearsals and shows seemed to keep me so distracted that even though I was floridly panic-stricken, I could focus on the instrument and tune everything else out until the song ended.

Then… “back to our story.” (Sigh.)

And when I went through my Risperdal and Geodon periods, I couldn’t practice in between rehearsals or shows and finally had to give it up. But Seroquel did not affect me that way at all. Weird.