The good saying i found in a book

Friend The more i learn the more i live

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“The more you read, the smarter you are”

I think reading can be almost a spiritual experience where you read a lot and it could change the rest of your life and you’ll never see things the same again and you don’t even have to keep doing it. At least that’s how I’ve experienced it and like to believe that.

I definitely would like to read more in my life, but what I’ve read so far has set been groundbreaking for me and I would have never been able to be how I am without those 20 books I read in the past opening the flooded gates of my mind to new ideas and scenarios and insight.

I guess what I’m saying is, you don’t have to always read, study, read, study, read, study, but if you do it a little here and there it could really change the way you think altogether. Reading is great and it’s not meant to memorize a whole book, you’re meant to latch on to little parts at a time that change the philosophy of your thought just a tiny bit. And everybody grabs different things from reading.

If I never read I probably would think completely different on many matters. And I don’t consider reading to be studying, but rather you take a little bit here and there and your insight is altered in the slightest bit that it changes your life forever. lol