I have delusion, but not hallucination

Some psychiatrists gave me the diagnosis delusional disorder. Some psychiatrists think that i am in prodromal phase of schizophrenia, so they gave me the diagnosis psychosis, which is more general.

Is anyone here like me? Only delusions but not hallucination?

I’m sorry I can’t help you more. I have hallucinations. But I do encourage you to listen to your doctors. Treat what you can. Hopefully, nothing else starts.

At first I just had delusions and negative symptoms. I had a delusional disorder diagnosis and after about a year of no improvement they changed it to paranoid schizophrenia. I didn’t think I had it but my paranoia was severe.

Then I stopped my meds once and started hallucinating like a madman. Turns out the psychiatrist was right. I gave him hell. If I ever see him again I owe him an apology.

There’s a well known schizophrenic named Elyn Saks who has just delusions and no hallucinations. You might want to google her TED Talk on the subject.

If your delusions are bizarre, it’s schizophrenia and not delusional disorder

My delusions are not bizzarre. I thought that my relatives and some professionals are gangs and they bullied me.

My psychiatrist suggested I come off medication after 2 years of complete remission. However, i am afraid my illness would get more severe if I do so. Currently, my functioning is quite good despite having some negative symptoms such as avolition. I may start hallucinating if I try coming off meds.

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I had just delusions. Maybe I’m on 3 years of remission. I don’t know if I was getting deluded during my second hospitalization (I just got a bit unstable, but it was more like a rebel than a deluded person). If that was not delusion, I have more than 3 years of remission, but, if that was delusion, I’ll make 2 years of remission in January.

Edit: just found out that negative symptoms are also taken in consideration when we talk about remission. So, in January, I complete around 1,5 year of remission.

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