I have claiming disability benefits for 18 years

thank god for them as I’ll be on the streets otherwise. I can barely cope as it is but have a lot of support from social services.


its a bit like winning the lottery but in a bad way

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lottery of life. I’m very lucky to be born in England, with our amazing health care system.


I got signed of at 19-20, and still on it at 46. Im not badly off either. I eat well - and frankly waste alot of my money.

i think i been on disability for 15 years something now. I’m grateful for it cause without it i would be a mess right now.

i think i have been given about 250000 since i started getting benefit money maybe more

i wouldnt like to worry about not having enough money


I’ve been getting give or take £20.000 a year for 18 years. this also covers housing costs as I get benefits to pay my rent. For past 11 years I have been getting support from social services. 31 hours a week one to one support at £15 a hour. This is in my care budget.


My friend gets less hours than that, he pays 200 a month


My friend and housemate I like with gets 6 hours a week from social services plus shared hours in house and he pays all of his PIP (disability money) = £400 a month to them

I’m on section 117 aftercare so don’t pay anything for my hours.

i dont know how they work it all out, i heard he could pay less if he reduced his hours but idk, i never heard of shared hours

I live in a shared house with other people, a group home really and we have staff here 24/7 for 6 people. We get our individual hours and we get shared hours for the complex. 7-10am - 12-2pm - 4-6pm and 9 -11pm so we do get a lot of shared ours between us. There is staff here 24.7. People who live here are on the severe side, Severe ASD, intellectual disabilities, psychosis.

But because its supported living and not residential home we still get our full disability benefits.

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I have been working full time for 11 years. Was on help for the first year. Now I’m unable to work full time. I m on my knees. I’m loosing the battle.

sounds like something i was offered once but i turned it down

is it a shared tv room/kitchen etc? i was offered something like that

i couldnt work its nothing to be ashamed of

maybe just try and rest and recuperate

Unless you’re in your situation things can be very unsure re social care. That’s due to not knowing whether you’re going to keep the PIP that pays for it.

I don’t have to pay for my support. Disposable income wise I’m well off. I have only attended one assessment in 18 years and the assessor told my support manager that he could she I was severely disabled and that my PIP will remain the same.

I once read the rules about PIP and the thing I especially like about it is that they don’t take savings into account. I think that’s good.

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