Some people are not just good

When I arrived in my little town from my 13-year world journey in 2002 , a day or two after a man arrived at the house where I lived and he asked ‘can I find harder substances?’, basically he thought that he could get some drugs from me. I have never even seen any drugs in my life. He was probably sent by some cops and later I heard he had the telephone number of one cop programmed in his phone as he bragged. He was a type of a person who purchased illegal Russian beer and liquor from one person I have mentioned earlier. He was just not a good man.

Then few months after this my father smoked his pipe in the front of the house when he was drunk. A neighbour asked if he smoked marijuana as I heard through windows secretly. A day after some cops had come to the house and discovered that he just drank wine. They were looking for marijuana, because I know that neighbour had called them.

Some people are just not good!

Sometimes I laugh by myself when I write these little true stories. My father used to brag always how his father, my grandfather, Viipurin Jussi was an alcohol smuggler during the phobition. He was caught when he trafficked liquor from Estonia to Finland. Now thousands of Finns travel to Estonia to purchase inexpensive liquor and bring it back to Finland. How did it ever go in this way? People just want to drink.

The world is so funny. I have never gone to Estonia and probably never will go, but you all know that Stephen Elop was the CEO of Nokia and made the company to fail and after this Nokia Phones was sold to Microsoft. He even bragged after his Estonia visit that he was like other Finns now. But then after Nokia was sold he left Nokia and pockected 20 million euros, basically for failing to make and keep the company successful. The world is so funny sometimes.