I have an appointment this Wednesday - new look into DX

I don’t know what I have now. They say schizoaffective mixed in 2015 but let’s see what they say now. I don’t really feel I have bipolar nor schizophrenia. I don’t fit in.

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You have any particular idea what your diagnosis ought to be?

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My educated guess would be bipolar.

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I was thinking borderline but then I realised I’m not suicidal. I don’t feel I belong in the bipolar forum. I’ve tried that after a suggestion.

Are you afraid of being alone? That’s a big one with borderline.
I wouldn’t second guess your pdoc’s. If they say you are sza then, you probably are.

They are going to reevaluate the sza dx. I’ve also not had a psychosis in over 7 years. I only had the one ep too

I’m not afraid to be alone. Rather alone than meet complete idiots or spend my life with one.

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Good luck @anon80629714 i hope you get answers. I had a borderline personality disorder diagnosis when i first got sick.

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Have you been to medical school @Wave?

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What is the bipolar forum website?

It’s bipolar uk website.

I think u are bipolar cuz u are functional…am i right…???

You can have schizophrenia and be functional. You can have bipolar and not be functional. If I was functional I wouldn’t be out of work right now and keep quitting jobs. No offence this frustrates me that people think and expect me to be functional because I try going to work. Honestly I find life tough.


Did u quit ur new job ish…i thought u are on it…!!!

I quit it weeks ago when I had my rant here and left and am back I’m sick leave.

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