I have a therapy assessment on 29th April

It means they will basically assess how urgent my therapy is.

Some1 I know has waited over 2 years in that team for therapy.

I’m really gonna have to dive deep into my problems with them so that they see how much I need it.

Do you do therapy atm and how is it helping, what have you learnt that you find valuable?


I did therapy in the beginning of sz to talk about it. Here, you have to pay out of pocket for ambulant psychological support.

So, it cost me a bit of money and offered some support.

Now I talk with my psychiatrist. Which is free. I don’t feel like I need extra support and I can talk about anything to my mom and sister.

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That’s really good if that helps enough :ok_hand:

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I really hope that you can make breakthroughs in therapy.

But I wouldn’t expect too much.

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True @Jonathan2 I have to do my own work too.


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Yep. I do therapy. It helps I think? I like my therapist most of the time. She helped me last time I saw her. I was drinking like double or triple amounts of water than a person needs so I’m cutting back. My sodium got low on my labs and I got cramps in my legs/feet too. She helps with reality testing too. She listens. She’s pretty good stuff.

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