I have a propensity towards violence

And that’s the reason why most of my relationships didn’t work out. That, and infidelity. Just me being stupid.


They need a dating site for people with schizoaffective…


I’ve never cheated on anyone, but I’ve been violent when I had to be.

No, I wouldn’t go that far.

I’m totally out of the whole dating scene anyway. I want no part of it.

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I’ve raised my voice in public a couple of times. I used to really lose my temper.

Once I screamed down the road at him.

Another time I was on the bus raising my voice and getting hot headed on a phone chat to him.

This was a terrible relationship

I was always stressed.


Same i always fighted with this girl i dated she made me angry she was more violent than me though.

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My ex wife was violent and abusive.
She has physically assaulted me several times.

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lol yeah I took karate once…

I’ve never hit anyone in my life except when me and my friend used to fight. I’m not known as a violent person but I sure feel like it when some as*hole starts tailgating me. It’s my pet peeve.


Slow drivers have always been my biggest pet peeve.

Don’t worry. I turned in my drivers license.

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I’d have to be pretty damn confident to put myself in a romantic relationship. (For reasons you’ve explained).

Maybe down the road.

I worry it would screw something up for me

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