I have a phobia of learning

Or perhaps more accurately I should say learning environments. It is hard to shake off the memories of classroom bullying and rejection. Also there is the fear of failure not helped by the knowledge of cognitive difficulties(as yet unrecognised) that make that more likely.
My last 2 years education especially were marred by those cognitive difficulties.

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You can learn online for free. Look up - mooc-list

You can take courses of whatever you want from prestigious universities for free!

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I sure couldn’t wait to graduate from public school and be done with all that juvenile behavior,
but was I ever disappointed to learn it didn’t stop just because someone got older.

FM, here’s something you might like. No pressure involved and it teaches you a style of speaking that gives you more time to think of responses.


Thanks @velociraptor . I am not sure which is the relevant link on the site.

The one above. You can sign up for a free one week course. They send the link to your email. It’s quite worthwhile and they aren’t super bad about the marketing.

Unfortunately I can only see info about a video mini course. I don’t have a video.

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