Social Anxiety

I chickened out of my Spanish course via videoconference. I have too much social anxiety and fear too much people judging me.

I lost 260€, but life goes on.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Will listen to some soothing Spanish guitar music instead.

Do you suffer from social anxiety as well?


yes. i do.

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It’s my limbic system. I cannot rationalize it.

On an upbeat note I received final approval to go 3 months to Spain next winter from social security. They sent me a letter.

I temporarily delayed my Personality Theory psychology course until mid May, for various reasons; but, I think that one of them is simply that society has changed in the last 25 years since my 200 level honors psychology course.

What happens if I don’t know how to be politically correct in the classroom?


Does that count as social anxiety?

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You worry if you’ll fit in. That counts imo.

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That’s too bad I’m sorry to hear that you don’t feel comfortable to take the course have you contacted the teacher maybe there’s ways that they can make allowance for you to interact with them without showing your video feed

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I also had social phobia. I was able to cure it with a treatment called EMDR, I recommend it.

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I feel like hiding under my rock :grinning: but thank you for the suggestion.

@Nirvana I thought EMDR was for trauma?

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It also works for social phobia if its origin was trauma. For example bullying, mobbing, family harassment, etc. If you can, try.

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I’ve always been quite introverted and shy. That ramped up to what we now call society soon after starting at public school. Due to the bullying. I’ve avoided pursuing further education for being bullied,judged , and ridiculed. I’m very much a political animal, but won’t go to local party meetings for fear of making a fool of myself. In many ways the social anxiety has impaired me more than the schizophrenia. I’d be tempted to say I have avoidant pd.


I recommend you EMDR therapy, I think it would help you.

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I started feeling more shy after my first psychosis,

Previously I had no problem with meeting new people, but now I’m just scared to talk to them.

I really need lots of time to get comfortable around new people :frowning:

And what i fear the most is talking in front of audiences… the heck at these times I shake, my voice becomes strange, overall I feel nervous.

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Abilify made my social anxiety worse.


Same 1515151515

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