I have a job interview tomorrow

I am panicking because I have to do an Excel Test for 1 hour and then present back some slides to the interviewers.

Also then there’s an hour of talking.

It’s all on MS Teams, and I didn’t get a job last time I did an interview on the computer

Very anxious about it

Have not worked in 6 months due to med changes, and just generally being incapable during this time

Could this be a turning point?


I hope so @Joker . Good luck.


personally I don’t think I’d try it again.
they sound like ass-holes.

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Could absolutely be a turning point! It sounds like a pretty extensive interview, I hope it’s for a good paying job.

Now for some unsolicited advice. Feel free to skip this because it is unsolicited.

Things that helped me during my interview process were studying up beforehand. Make sure you know the company’s mission and brush up your excel skills if need be. It also helps to remember that you will feeling them out as well. You want to see if it’s a place you want to work. Look out for red flags during your interview. Most of all, everyone that you talk to is just another human trying to do their job.

I hope you’re able to take something from my mini rant. But if nothing else, I wish you luck @Joker. You are certainly capable. You got this.

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I hope you get it. Try to take some deep calming breaths as needed to calm yourself. Best of luck to you!

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idk, we gotta be realistic about we can and can’t do.
usually you’ll know within the first week of working,


also, should be getting paid for all that work you put in to get hired, like interview, training, classes, mileage.
it doesn’t happen all the time, but sometimes.
I went thru a whole day of training and learning,
and they told me you won’t get that money for that
unless you work for us 30 days.

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well, fixed income, you can’t even work full time.
and rare, a temp agency looking for part-timers.

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Good luck with the interview tomorrow.

My interview for the Government job I’m going to do after the summer was also on MS Teams. There were 3 people there so it was intensive.

I hope you find something you like.

Is it a full-time job as a data analyst as previously?

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Thanks @Bowens I hope so too

If I give up now at 34, I don’t know what I’d do with myself until I die

Thanks @bittercat - the reminder they’re just human is important. I am more used to being an interviewer than interviewee

Thanks @ZmaGal I will try and remember to do this. My employment specialist also mentioned breathing exercises to alleviate anxiety

It will be tough going back to it, but I will work it out if I can get my foot in the door

Thanks @Jonathan2 :slight_smile:

Yep it’s a data analyst role - I have said I want to go into strategy, as they had 6 branches to choose from

This one is for the government as well! I hope if I get it they have decent benefits and culture


Honestly I cheated at one interview using Excel, I googled the answers lol

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Good luck with the job interview!

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Good luck with it @Joker

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Thanks @Aziz & @Dustypages

I have 4 1/2 hours until it starts

Don’t know whether to sleep or stay awake until its time



I had a panic attack this morning and had to pull out - I am gutted :cry:

They did mention to reschedule, but I am not sure I can cope with the pressure

What can I do if something like this makes me meltdown?

Interviews are always more stressful than the job itself. Are you going to reschedule?

I probably should, it’s a really good opportunity.

Trouble is I get myself so worked up

This morning was hell, I was anxious, paranoid, catastrophising and panicking about everything from the here and now to the distant future


I had the opportunity potentially of a life time with this government agency

Now I am not sure what to make of it

turning point fuff