I have a hypnosis delusion

I have a delusion that I have been hypnotised in a way which my perception has been altered, for example if there was people around me observing my day to day life or being filmed but I wouldn’t be able to observe them as my mind would just perceive there to be no one there. Its as if someone is trying to create the perception of me being in hell using various scientific techniques. Trying to alter my brain state to behave in a way which would cause me a great deal of pain. What I perceive it to be is essentially like a hypnosis which tries to lock and limit the subject into a box so that they feel trapped and helpless. I have noticed times where I was watching something on tv or listening to someone and momentarily blacking out as if I was in an unconscious state, All this perception of people thought broadcasting seems more plausible that I was being interviewed in a hypnotic state whilst being filmed. As for the voices that I hear its as if someone is hypnotising me to react with thoughts at a certain queue and then my brain fixating on these thoughts and creating branches of delusions from them. Sort of someone using science to try and force people into rabbit holes whilst being observed and making them believe in the supernatural to explain it so that patients will come up with observations relating to their delusions and answer questions that aren’t naturally thought about unless under great duress. I don’t know how to escape this delusion as things that happened to me weren’t just all made up in my head. I literally have had people react in ways which they shouldn’t unless any of this was going on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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