I have a coffee maker!

I just got it. Sooooo exciting. Its programmable too so I have it set to make coffee at 4am that way it’s ready for me when I wake up at 4:45 and I can just put it in my thermos when I leave the house at 5. Then I have it for the drive to school and during school and if I have left over then I finish it on the way home. Plus coffee is just tasty.


awesome :slight_smile: 451345234


Sweet. I used to have a programmable coffee maker, having your coffee ready to go in the morning when you get up is nice. But mine broke and I couldn’t afford another one, now I have a bare bones very basic coffee maker. No clock, auto off, timer, nothing. It was on sale, I think it was around $12-$15 if I remember correctly. But it makes good coffee. I love coffee too.

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If you stop one behavior, like drinking, you create a vacuum. Something has to fill that hole.

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Yep replacing one addiction with another seems to work. Just make sure the swap is more healthy. It could be creative or physical or spiritual. That’s why you see a lot of ‘addicts ‘with a caffeine addiction. You have to fill that vacuum or you’re never going to break with it. It’s easier said than done.

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I make coffee every night and store it overnight in a thermos for the next day.

Cool, new gadgets are fun. Sounds like you got it figured out already. I got an Echo Dot three years ago for my birthday I still haven’t figured out how to set up yet!

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Coffee makers are easy. Stuff like that like alexa I hate and technology hates me back.

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