I hate this so much

Schizophrenia ruined my marriage and it’s hard to cope with knowing that and Its all my fault


Stuff happens. Developing schizophrenia isn’t your fault. It just is what it is. It’s a cruel game to play if your stuck in a cycle of self blame. Try to use your energy to get well. Time heals most wounds.


Hey man there was nothing you could do you didn’t choose to get this condition. You need to forgive yourself.


I am divorced due to being delusional most of the time I was married to another delusional schizophrenic…no regrets…having delusional stability doesn’t mean it’s your fault but it can be hard to forget…I am sorry you lost your marriage.


I also agree. Totally not your fault. I’m sorry to hear this.

Sza ruined my whole life, for a good long while. I am only now, for the past two years getting a decent life.

Thank you for being nice everyone, I feel really depressed about it tonight i realize it’s not the only thing but it made it so hard to understand what was going wrong. I hope to stay her friend and guide her spiritually still and just be there she is going thru a hard time as well I’m hoping I am happy again one day

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It’s not your fault that you have sz. It makes it really hard to maintain a relationship, and a lot of people on this board struggle with that. You can’t help the fact that you have it, though. I know it’s hard to let go, but you are going to have to forgive yourself. Until you do, you can’t move on.

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