Feeling frustrated

I am very frustrated with all the associations of woman are this and men are this. It makes me never want to leave my home again. Why must we always be associated with gender I see it and feel its effects daily. I just want to be percieved the way i want to be as an individual. Keep your stereotypes and womanly comments away from my ears. It is like I have to always be on guard cause if I say one thing then suddenly its a girl thing or im too manly. Im so sick amd tired of this bs and it makes me really hate this world. Though thats my mission in life to help change it cause for me this is not a place i can live. If i cant do anything i may as well be dead

I remember feeling this way as a teenager. Every stereotype sent me. It’s something I’ve gotten used to with age. It’s not about accepting that “that’s the way it is”. It’s about not being so tender. If you can hear a negative or stereotypical comment and not be devastated, you’ve already won. I find the most effective way to confront this is with data. Facts about the subject other people are ignorant of. You calmly and confidently state the facts in technical terms, and most of the time, people don’t know what to make of it. :wink:

Haha yea this is true. I have done that a few times and it works. Though it is exhausting. I just wish things were different and it makes me sick inside the way things are still. I dont know i am just venting. It is a trigger for me so its hard to deal with though i am doing much better than before.