I hate my problem

Of my 2 siblings I feel like I have the worst problems.
I feel mean and abusive people in my body and them harassing and threatening me. All I pray is for peace and to be with my husband. I don’t get it the allure of people abusing me why they do this. I hope I’ll be okay. To find peace what do you suggest?

I suggest meditation. It helps me a lot.

Did you get married? Congratulations :confetti_ball:.

If I remember correctly, you are on clozapine. Are you still on that? Is there any room to increase the dose?

I’m confused about my voices. They were my religion for so long, what I believed in. I’m wondering if they are going to start in on their retaliation again tonight. “You made a monkey out of me”, and “I’ll get it back!” some stuff they repeat over and over. I shouldn’t believe they are real.