Saw new pdoc today, and memory issues

She’s an intern, and quite nice, does her work well. Answered my questions and got the advice of the senior pdoc. Things we discussed included whether meds increase psychosis over time (hence taking more and more to feel well) but she said no. She explained something further but I forgot now. Also I’m not having to fast for Ramadan, for which I’m thankful, because it makes me quite ill. And insomnia and akathisia at night for which the senior pdoc gave me clonazepam to try at night to help me sleep.

I’m so forgetful, I can sometimes remember facts and names if I see them written out or make associations, but normal conversation I forget so quickly what people say. I come out the pdocs office and hubby asks in car what did she say and I can’t remember much beyond what I said here. Hubby complains my memory for everyday things also very bad, he has to constantly remind me of things he said etc.

Why am I so forgetful? Am I just absent minded or a dreamer? I am actually but I feel so much more foggy and forgetful so I’m wondering if it’s part of sza cognitive symptoms…

If my husband dictates a message to type then I need him to read it word for word and not sentence by sentence, because I’m so forgetful.


Took my meds just now and clonazepam knocking me fuzzy so going to sleep now . Goodnight/ good afternoon / good morning to you all! :blush:


That can cause memory issues.

Likely caused by meds.

I take it for 26 years. never messed with it.

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Do you dissociate often?

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I noticed you said ramadan , are you muslim?

@Abdallah yes I’m Muslim

I only started clonazepam last night, but my memory issues stretched back much further

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Sometimes usually when stressed but not a lot

I have memory issues as well. I try to think of a word I know and it won’t come. Happens a lot. Or a name I can’t remember.

no. i get no memory issues.

Are you a convert or born muslim? Also i have hard time praying while on medications , are you able to pray

@Muhammed_Yussuf i’m a convert been Muslim 11years, it’s become harder and harder over the years to pray, I can’t concentrate much and my interest in it is low. But I believe.

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