I hate being judged

I am tired of being judged, I hope they know I did not say anything insensitive, I hate people reading my mind and having people fabricate my intrusive thoughts. My loved one says I have lost some of my class and this made me so sad, I hope I will be classy, strong, and not let anyone bring me down.


I feel the same way. I am judged from when o wake until a sleep. Judged (through telepathy/broadcasting) by an old friend I knew in highschool and he tries to pull me down so much.

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I am sorry you go thru this maybe see what your old friend is doing so you realize he is not talking or communicating with you

I have contacted him and told him. He said he isn’t but I don’t believe him. He hasn’t done anything to make me feel rest assured it’s not him.

Sorry about this, maybe talk to your pdoc, and tell him about your problem, maybe need meds. adjusted

I am on clozapine 200mg 3 times per day. Seems to be helping.

That’s great mike23! I am taking the same.

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