I hardly ever experience joy

When I’m deeply depressed I try to hide it. Now I’m coming to terms of it. I’m never gonna be happy and it makes me sick.


You and me both.

I still enjoy a giggle or a chuckle here and there though.


Wake up one morning and hear schizophrenia bipolar etc has been cured. No more pain.

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Stay positive!

I know sometimes it’s hard to be positive but it helps.

My opinion might be a bit controversial but… Us humans aren’t meant to be happy, at least how are mind is hard wired. Happiness is a pursuit of subjective satisfaction but that is just it a pursuit. Maybe you can find comfort in you are not alone. I know I’m never happy but the moments I do feel it I appreciate it, those small moments of bliss and mindfulness. Those are unforgettable, instead of wishing for eternal happiness wish for blissful eternal memories.

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I partially agree with you.

I believe the moments of happiness, when you’re conscious of it, and can bask in it, that’s what makes the tough times worth it.

Those moments will never happen enough for anyone’s preferences, but that’s what makes them magical, precious, invaluable.

I think once we come to terms with accepting that happiness can’t be permanent, we’re set free from some of the responsibilities of constant drive towards attaining it.

Just my thoughts though

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I aim for just peace of mind. I can’t remember the last time I felt actual joy.


Good point!

A doctor told me this in my nihilistic phase.

Time escapes so we can learn to appreciate it when it is over.


Can’t they be linked though?

That day when symptoms are low or non existent, when the world is quiet and calm, that rare moment that it all makes sense, and peace washes over.

I myself take joy in those days

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Nihilism brought me exactly what it promises, a void of meaningless nothing.

I’ve learned it better to live with a purpose, to give it meaning, by your own hands. I’ve found more by doing that

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Living with a purpose is good. I find nihilism is a by product of a conscious mind, but that is another tangent and topic all together. But yes you are correct.

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