I hang on somehow, and I am happy about that

I am content to just exist.
If I manage to somehow get through life, that’s all I need.


I’m glad I exist too even though I’ve had a really bad hard life. I really want to make it through this life.


@Chess24 good to hear your staying positive. It is good .


I am hanging on somehow too. I want to be left alone. I don’t know why I am always treated this way.

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See, how is family man, are you the last one standing?

I am a girl :blush:. Am I the last person standing?

I am not content to just "make it’. I want to do well. I want to be happy, make my husband happy, love my children and make sure they know they are loved. If I can accomplish this, I will be quite content.

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I want to be happy. Existing isn’t good enough - I want friends, girl friend, car, money, a job ----- a clear mind, love, peace and wellness

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Chess it is ok to just exist?

Without meaning i feel like my life is pointless (no offense)

That is why i am on a mission to find out more about myself and my reason for being here and i am trying to find a reason why i exist, I must have been put here for a reason and i would like to find that out before my time is up

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