I had late onset at 35. prodromal since 32

I was lucky to have already got a degree in architecture by the time I got ill with sz full blown at 35. 61 now…learned a lot since then…mainly, that I accept my sz and don’t feel forlorn over losing my career anymore…are you positive feeling or negative feeling about your sz now?


I feel negative about developing schizophrenia. I’ve been suffering for ten years.


Eh, I kind of hate it even though I’ve accepted it for the most part…

Had it since 22 and I am currently 29.


I feel like it is just the hand I was dealt. I just need to learn how to cope with my illness dogging me.


Today, I’m a dark place. I’m 49. I faced the onset of this illness when I was 24, but didn’t go on meds until my mid 30s (or whatever age I was at 2008). When I was 24, I caught my first hallucination and I was left rattled wondering what the hell it meant (there were also small signs in childhood, but not enough to really get noticed).

I often feel like I’ve lost everything (career, friends, physical health…the Abilify caused weight gain, and this led to diabetes type 2). I spent the best years of my life just trying my best at different things and failing, trying to be who everyone else expected me to be, and the failures just made the SZ worse and the SZ made the jobs harder to hold.

I can’t work right now…I think I’d fail at any job I try at this point… but I’m sooo bored and isolated on ODSP. I’ve got a gratitude box, and am thankful for a lot, but even though “it can always be worse” it “can also be a lot better.” But it never gets better.

Well that was depressing. On a good note, I’m doing well on my diet.


I wish I didn’t have sza, of course, but I have accepted it. I got it when I was 16 and I was still very much a child. I had a psychotic break when I was 19. Now, I am 59 and I have no positive symptoms as long as I take my zyprexa.


My first episode ranged from 16 to 17 and was not under control until 19

Then I slipped through the cracks with services, and had a full blown episode which got picked up again way too late

Keep even a small amount of contact going just in case


I’ve had it for over 2/3 of my life. Having schizophrenia is basically all I know.


I was diagnosed at 32, I had a great paying job a house and a great family. Lost it all because of this illness.

I was in a neighborhood school with at least a few friends and came from a respectable financial background. All that changed when I got diagnosed at 15. Prodromal was probably 13-14 when I got hit in the head by a bus.

I was 35 too, and I think my mother was about the same age. I may have been prodromal since 15.

I think people with late onset were a little sz for a long time before, saying kibd if suspicious things or having certain sense if humor or odd kinds of thoughts that still pass as normal. I think i was sz my whole life but psychosis didnt start altered reality until late teens.

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