I had a good day today

Went to volunteering this morning and it went well. I am feeling a little uneasy right now, a little posessed, pray for good thoughts. Hope tomorrow will go well.


Volunteering is good and so is rest with sz. Make sure you get some downtime and unwind. Stress is my biggest problem as it brings on my symptoms so making sure I get rest after a big day is a must. Hope you have another good one tomorrow.


I recently made a commitment to going to PSR 4x per week except Wednesday I do volunteer work for a thrift store ā€“ i feel excited that Iā€™m not just home and in bed all the time :blush:


I try to be positive. I read self-help books and I get some inspirational emails every day that I signed up for. I think volunteering is great if you can find something you enjoy. It also helps long term. In a few years you may convert to a paying job.

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