I guess this is goodbye, then...unless I'm still wanted around

Hello everyone:

I apologize to anyone who has wondered where I went, I’ve been caught up in some things. I have learned several things about myself over these last few months, some which change my perspective immensely.

So I have been noticing I have more bipolar tendencies than schizoaffective or the like. I have also learned that psychic abilities run in my family, or what most would call psychic abilities. I have not been hallucinating for the last few months even while I am tapering down off the meds. I have been noticing mood swings, bad ones, though. And I’ve also been noticing that I’ve been pissing a few people on here off whenever I do respond to things.

Therefore, unless people want me to stick around, I feel it is time to bid adieu. I’ve made some friends on here, but I feel like I’ve also made some enemies, and whatever I have done to annoy anyone, I won’t expect your immediate forgiveness. I will not even ask for it. So anyone who wishes to hate me, then by all means do so. Those people who have become friends to me, I have a special place in my heart for you guys.

Anyway, I think I’ve rambled enough, don’t you?

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e(Y)e Honestly haven’t Seen You Around but After Thus Youthful Post Of Saddness e(Y)e’ll be Honest ,

It Would Be Cool To See Your Opinions On Thus Schizo Weirdness …

(EDIT) ,

(by) (tha) (way) ,

Here’s a Catch Up To a Thread e(Y)e Posted a Week Or So Ago ,

Rite Here ))) ------- > (^)(^)(^) - Favorite Movie Clips (trigger warning) - (^)(^)(^) < ------- Rite Here ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I didn’t see anything that would suggest you werent liked. I know its a crutch that’s easy to fall back on , to measure how people accept you or how well , your liked… I’ve been tempted myself to do this in the past , but to me, that gives too much power to other people. Use the forum for the primary end of getting better…good luck

I don’t think that anybody ‘hates’ you here. Quite contrary, I would say that you are much loved.
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I for one would hate to see you go - You have been on here for a while

aww, I wish you would stay! I wondered where you went. Hope you stay.

Hey I piss people off too man so what?

Just last night I got 3 pm’s from the mods here telling me ‘knock it off catfish you are pissing us off’ im still here.

Maybe you are taking things too seriously.

Seriously they pm’d me 3 times LOL.

I actually have been wondering what happened to you. Stay. Lots of people here occasionally piss each other off. It would be impossible not to, since we are such a big group. But that doesn’t mean anyone should have to leave. Everyone eventually either makes up or ignores the ones who bug them.

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yeah things are tough around here… was banned and flagged dozens of times myself

Don’t leave, you have a place here and your posts add depth to the forums.
I vote stay.


stay…i think you are good person. :house:
i hope you are feeling better today :heart:
take care :alien:

I’ve always liked your young perspective.

I’m glad you checked in…

I’ve been wondering how you have been doing.

I hope you stay… you have great input.

Of course we want you to stay. Your presence is always liked.

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