Bye along with 20 characters

I do feel too ‘recovered’ to be here I guess. Thank you, I’ve learned alot about what it means to have Sz.

I just completed a fantastic meal of alaskan sock eye salmon with dill and lemon, and caprese salad, which is mozzerella, tomato, fresh basil, with balsamic vinegar, and a glass of chardonnay.

most of that is from the Paleo diet list, to aide your mitachondria and help your immune system, because the latest research is starting to show that Sz is an autoimmune disorder.

Again, Good bye, I wish you all well with your antipsychotics.

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@Malvok you are a true jerk! you should be taken off the admin list

It is unfortunate that you continue to be disruptive to this forum. You have repeatedly insulted the members of this forum, calling their psychosis “stupid” and “dribble”. Your anti-psychiatry, anti-medication beliefs have lead you to advise people against taking their medication, questioning their diagnosis and doubting their doctors. You have said they we are brainwashed by our doctors. Additionally, your profanity laced posts are inappropriate for this forum. I have had to edit and delete a number of your posts because they are flamebait, designed to cause trouble.

If you decide to stay then I would suggest that you carefully consider the content of your posts before hitting the submit button. If you decide to leave, then I wish you the best of luck finding a forum where you will fit.


I never called anyone’s psychosis stupid or dribble. but you just did.

you are an ■■■■■■■. there, delete this post too, you are just a flaming jerk.

Hey, enjoy your bike rides! Please take care, bye.

I will @YakDip thanks.

And from one of your posts that I had to delete:

this is ridiculous, as I said, I don’t wnat to hear the dribble about your psychosis, I could write for days and days about my own

you didn’t have to delete anything.

and no, I don’t want to sit here and listen to your stupid psychosis all day, I’ve had my own psychosis.

I was hoping we could share information on how to recover from this stupid disease, not just write down all the broken brain signals we’ve all had. but if that activity makes everyone feel better. writing and reading about all the broken brain activity you’ve all shared, and if @Malvok feels that’s hit job here, then fine, have fun, Bye!

at least we’ve come a long way from this waste of time disgusting dribble, I do commend everyone on that! but I’m going, so you can go back to this conversation too if you all want to

this crap shows up on my history yet in my browser

I do not see the relevance of this post. You made five replies to that thread.

In any case, this thread is not productive. It will be locked.