I got the financial help for disabled people!

Hi All !

I would like to share with you that my file has been accepted for getting money from the state for being disabled. They granted it to me for 5 years and it consists in 900€ / month !
But thing is, that if I stay 5 years without working then after those 5 years when I’ll have to get a new job nobody will want to hire me since I would have been inactive for 5 years.

I do not work currently, I quitted after another time of psychosis

Any thoughts or same experience about that ?

Thank you !


You can’t worry about what will happen in 5 years time. The question is now. If you aren’t able to work now, then of course you need to accept the payment.

Maybe within 5 years time you will be better, maybe before then. But equally maybe full time work won’t be that easy to get back to due to your health. Only time will tell.

I agree you will be less employable with a big gap on your resume, but it doesn’t mean will be are entirely unemployable.


thats great, congratulations im happy for you. :grinning:

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Thanks for your answer !
you are right, for the moment I am not able to work. I will see when I get better

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I recently got a job and I haven’t worked in about 17-18 years, I’ve been on disability that whole time. Anything is possible.

i was at first on disability for almost 4 years then started working again last spring but im now on disability again, I got a job fairly quick but that’s probably because Im a qualified nurse assistant and due to covid there were even bigger shortage in the healthcare field, I also didn’t write a reason why I was out of work on my cv since it would probably scare employers off.

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waw that’s a message of hope you’re giving me, thank you !

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thank you for your advice.
Indeed nurses are always needed.

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